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Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Peaceful Protest or Civil War (For Lawyers Only)

We have been peacefully fighting to stop the murder of over 43,000,000 of our fellow citizens in the womb for the last 33 years to no noticiable effect. Will the next generation of Americans peacefully stand by while the slaughter continues, or will they get desparate, if our generation fails to halt the infanticide? I'm guessing we are looking at The Second American Civil War if our generation dosn't stop abortion. Scott T. Whiteman, Esq., of The American View, Proposes the only peacefull solution left. He believes, and I agree, that Interposition is a way to stop the murder of the innocent without reverting to a shooting war. (Go to; for the complete article.) Interposition is an official act on the part of a State government to question the constitutionality of a policy establised by the central government. Whiteman says; "Our federal government is one of checks and balances; the Executive veto and the Court check the legislature's actions for constitutionality. Likewise, the Legislature and the Court check the President's actions. But who checks the court?". The right to challange any usurpation of power on the part of the Supreme Court must, by lack of an alternative, if for no other reason, devolve upon the states. So, we must turn to Interposition if we want to stop abortion peacefully. A Constitutionally-minded state's Attorney General could open-up his copy of the state's laws, pull out the statutes still on the books declaring abortion illegal and prosecute, interposing himself between the Federal government and the unborn person he is trying to protect. "Absent an abortion law, is not a personal service contract to terminate a life (called a "hit" when the mark is born) homocide or manslaughter under Common Law, if not statue? A govenor could pronounce that the shield of Justice will extend into the womb, unborn children will be protected against the enforceability of such illegal contracts and that he will call upon the Attorney General to prosecute the murdering abortionist and the people who consorted to have the unborn child "hit" under accomplice liability theory" Whiteman says. Interposition could work another way. "If they had the temerity, either the President or the Congress could recognize that America's charter declared that men are 'endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable' and self-evident rights, including the right to life. The Preamble to the U.S. Constitution states that such rights and liberties are secured for 'our posterity,' which means the following generations as yet unborn. The President, or the Congress, can declare that Justice will extend into the womb and that a refusal to prosecute murder is the epitome of denying justice and a willful breach of the federal compact, and stand between the state protecting the abortionist and the baby. Interposition declares that the terms of the Constitution ought to be obeyed. Is the un-prosecuted murder of over 43 million babies a light and transient cause? The time is closing before we can no longer rein in the judicial, the executive and legislative branches, state, and federal, of civil government. Before long it will be a 'long train of abuses and upsurpations' which gives rise to our 'duty to throw off such Government.' Our personal, individual duty has not yet arisen, since as of late, no state has even attempted to stand between the butcher and the baby" Whiteman concludes. Whiteman rocks. Because all other peaceful alternatives have thus far failed to halt the slaughter of the innocents, I endorse Interposition combined with prayer, as our last best solution. So, whats it gonna be America, peaceful change using Interposition or another 43 million dead and then Civil War? Ric Dugan, IRC Director IRC News Desk

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