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Monday, January 31, 2011

Arrest Planned Parenthood Serial Killers

"Arrest Planned Parenthood Serial Killers now" says Pro Life Activist Ric Dugan as he was released from Federal prison recently. Mr Dugan had spent 3 months in Federal custody for rescuing 3 babies from abortion last year. He maintains that Serial Killers at Planned Parenthood should be imprisoned for murdering babies day in and day out, not peaceful Christian protesters. " Where is the justice in imprisoning peaceful protesters and protecting serial killers? How can our Nation survive this great in justice? Any Nation that fails to protect it's most innocent is doomed to destruction" said Mr. Dugan at a recent meeting of Pro Life supporters. Mr Dugan plans to pursue convictions for abortionists and to put them behind bars for life (Abortionists Get Life Campaign ) while helping to organize and expand the Catholic Lay Apostolate Dei Glorium that National Pro Life Leaders are building, before going back to Prison again as a witness for life.


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