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The Infants Rights Campaign (IRC) is working to help Women with unplanned pregnancy's, save children's lives by stopping abortions, and improve children's lives through adoption.

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Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Dei Glorium and IRC to form Partnership

At the request of Dei Glorium Founder, Joan Bell, the Infants Rights Campaign has been asked to finance Dei Glorium's works of mercy and to help expand exposure and membership in Dei Glorium. After learning about the Infants Rights Campaign's (IRC) highly successful fundraising campaign on behalf of victims of abortion, Mrs Bell asked IRC to help Dei Glorium. " It's just fantastic and a signal grace that IRC has been able to evangelize and bring so many people into the Pro Life Movement and I want members of Dei Glorium to use the IRC model to fund Dei Glorium" said Mrs Bell at a recent meeting of National Pro Life leaders in New Jersey. "Nothing else like it exists in the country, Ric ( Ric Dugan, IRC founder and current National Director) has developed a method of fundraising and evangelizing that combines ancient methods of begging with modern, state of the art outreach and contribution techniques" said Mrs Bell. "I have decided to make begging and fundraising a requirement of membership in Dei Glorium and want our brothers and sisters to use the IRC method" she continued. Mr Dugan has moved to Montague NJ where Dei Glorium has set up its first Monastery and has started organizing this historical merger. "I think Miss Joan is one of the most important Pro Life leaders internationally and is a living Saint and we are all so excited to be working with her, it's great" said Mr Dugan. You can contact MR Dugan, Dei Glorium, and or the Tri State Infants Rights Campaign at 973-293-8600 or at:,, or Dei Glorium care of, Good Council Homes, 31 River Road, Montague, NJ, 07827


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