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Sunday, February 20, 2011


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:The Bates College swim team is bubbling with excitement at the Division III Championships, being held at Williams College in northwestern Massachusetts this weekend, surrounded by the grandeur of the Berkshire Mountains. Tara "The Shark" Dugan was able to cut a full 9 seconds off her best time for the 1000 meter swim, sending the crowd into a near delirious state of aquatic excitement on Saturday. Then, on Sunday, the 3rd day of championships, The Shark once again wooed the crowd by cutting 30 seconds off her best time in the mile. One of The Sharks biggest fans, her sister Paloma Kelly Dugan, a Senior on the swim team at Middlebury College stated; "Team Dugan is very pleased with her performance (The Sharks)... we are happy!" Paloma came down from Middlebury in Vermont to assist Middleburys Freshman team, who is doing quite well, to cheer on her sister, The Shark, and to boost the moral of both. Since i can barely figure out whats going on at the swim meet, i can only report on Tara's performance at the meet because she is my daughter, and this reporter usually focuses on politics. But i can say that swimming is a very exciting sport, once you can figure out which one is your daughter and what the goal for each individual heat is. This is Ruprick Guidry Dugan signing out from the Berkshires. Ruprick Guidry, Special to IRC News Desk


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